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PR3 Marketing Corporation is the sole distributor of Corning® Med-X® Glass in the Philippines.

Who We Are

PR3 Marketing Corporation was founded or has its SEC company registration no.CS201909585 dated June 13, 2019 with business address at Unit J. 4th Floor 157 Marulas A St. Brgy. 36 Caloocan City, Metro Manila, Philippines 1400. It is actually or formerly Paul Med Enterprises that specializes in radiation shielding accessories and also on a case to case basis do complete radiation shielding civil works for hospitals and clinics.

It is the distributor for world leader and quality brand Corning Med X radiation shielding glass for medical, technical and research application. Corning is U.S. FDA compliant manufacturer of lead glass,IEC 61331-22014. The production of Corning S.A.S. is strictly controlled and manufactured in accordance with the Quality Standard ISO 9001, the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 and the Health & Safety OHSAS 18001. It also carries various x-ray accessories such as lead gown, lead gloves, gonadal shield, thyroid shield, lead goggles, movable x-ray barrier (local) from China that is ISO and CE mark certified as product label (Generic brand).

Over the years and under Paul Med Enterprises our clients are GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineer and other channel partners of these multinational companies, hospitals and clinics. They are satisfied and happy with the quality of products we carry plus the factor of reasonable pricing we give to them.

Since we are already in radiation shielding business of accessories. Some clients of us trusted us to do complete radiation shielding civil works of diagnostic imaging rooms such as x-ray and CT Scan rooms including installing lead sheet, lead glass and leaded door. To name a few we were contracted to do complete radiation shielding civil works of Philippine Heart Center Spect CT Scan, Philippine Airforce Hospital CT Scan room and Angelus Medical Clinics 3 X-Ray rooms.

This expertise’s and knowledge’s of this radiation shielding products and services were because of long experienced of its PR3 Marketing Corporation president and general manager, Richard Ll. Cusipag. He has been in the radiological imaging industry for the past 3 decades from different company he worked and joined. Now he set up Paul Med Enterprises 10 years ago under a single proprietor of his son Paul. Now he involves his family entirely to set up a family corporation under the name of PR3 Marketing Corporation that the kind of products and services it offered to the market still the same...radiological accessories.

It is in this regard, that PR3 Marketing Corporation will continue to improve its services and quality products it offered to radiology market at helm of a family corporate vision and mission.

We look forward to serve your requirements in radiological accessories and rest assured of better service to you.


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